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Drug Education and Prevention

Drug education

Drug education

               Over-the-counter (OTC) medication can be purchased and sold directly to people without the need of a prescription. Some OTC medications are, but not limited to: Acetaminophen (Tylenol), Ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin), Dextromethorphan (Halls, Robitussin, and Vicks), and Dimehydrinate (Dramamine).  Misuse of medication can result in individuals feeling: "high", drowsy, euphoric, or hallucinate.  Today's youth spend most of their time online browsing through social media and interacting with people from all around the world.  
                    Drug dealers are starting to sell ("push") different types of drugs online.  With the internet at their disposal, teens and young adults can purchase drugs like: pain killers, cannabis, mushrooms, MDMA, Xanax, etc. through online ordering using different social media platforms.  Buying drugs online can be potentially fatal due to the possibility of drugs dealers lacing their product with Fentanyl. 
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Privacy Expectations

Privacy Expectations

As kids age, the need for privacy and autonomy will be expected.  Here are some tips for parents to ensure safe privacy expectations: 
  1.  Make it clear that parents will be monitoring online activity: tablet, cell phone, computer / laptop.
  2.  Monitor screen time and download tools that will allow oversight of online screen-time
  3.  Have access to social media and technology device passwords
  4.  Monitor social media accounts to ensure there are no unusual profiles: drug emojis, certain terms on bios, or no profile pictures
Understanding the dark web

Understanding the dark web

     The dark web is not accessible through regular search engines and is used for both legal and illegal purposes.  Accessing the dark web requires a special browser (Tor browser) and a virtual private network (VPN) to keep online activity private and secure.  Illicit drugs can easily be found on the dark web, among other things.
     Parents should be aware of the following:
1. Devices or computers that have TOR software
2. Crypto currency is the common payment method
3. Pay attention to packages that arrive in the mail
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