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Live Oak Unified School District

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Health and Wellness



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School Nurse

School Nurse

School Nurse
Group Summary

Group Summary

The mission of the Nurses Office is to provide the students of Live Oak Unified School district with a friendly, approachable , well trained health program to ensure their well being,
safety and future success.
Services we provide:
  • First Aid
  • Emergency care until EMS arrives
  • Training for school staff on CPR/AED, Emergency management
  • Health planning and individual medical plans
  • Mandated screenings
  • Growth and development, and Positive Prevention Education Classes in 5th, 7th, and 9th grades.
Tip of the Week!

Tip of the Week!

Its May, and this will be this years last health office tip of the week.  Is anyone even reading these anymore? J
This week, I want to focus on not what you can do, but what you already do every day to benefit the children in our district.  You make a difference each and every day in the lives of your students, whether you realize it or not.   We all have that one teacher you remember- the one who maybe you hated at the time, but in retrospect made you change in some way.  For me, it was my junior high history teacher.  When we were rude in class, he made us run to the furthest fence on campus which he had named “the Donkey” with a little laminated card on the fence that you were supposed to touch.  I remember the one day when I was sent 4x to that fence, and he finally did break me of my habit of rudely interrupting and disrupting the class.   Who was that person  for you?
This year I have seen teachers:
-Volunteer for CPR/EPi Pen and Glucagon training in large numbers to make sure their students are well cared for
-Send students to me with concerns that parents hadn’t recognized, leading to diagnosis of major medical issues that would have gone without notice otherwise. 
-Provide emergency care until paramedics and firefighters arrive, with competence, skill and calm
-Administer first aide on a daily basis
-Recognize and report signs of child abuse that led to children being removed from horrible situations.
-This list could go on and on and on….
You do make a difference.  Your students are so fortunate to have you in their lives.
Happy Teachers Week!
Misty Charmley RN, BSN, School Nurse
Peanut Free Classrooms

Peanut Free Classrooms

No Peanuts Please. We are a peanut free classroom