Sunday, August 02, 2015

Encinal Elementary School

6484 Larkin Road, Live Oak, CA 95953
(530) 695-5458
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Principal's Message

Dear Encinal Families and Community Members:

Encinal Elementary School is a dynamic and unique school for student learning. Teachers at Encinal continuously perfect their instruction through professional development, along with emphasizing the character development of all students. The curriculum we have adopted is comprehensive and adopted by the State of California. All aspects of the educational process are completed with the focal point of establishing the practices for students targeted. Students and families are actively engaged and connected to the educational process at Encinal Elementary School.

Mary Page

August Calendar

08/03 Encinal School Office Opens 2015-16 7:30AM

08/12 First Day of School-Welcome Back 8:20AM

Mission Statement

Encinal Elementary School is a "necessary small school" within the district. Its small size makes the school a positive learning environment, one in which every student and teacher really makes a difference. "Necessary small schools" offer the same core curriculum a student would receive in a general elementary school and are staffed by fully credentialed teachers. Unlike other alternative educational settings, however, necessary small schools do not serve students with emotional, behavioral, or special educational issues. Enrollment is based on geographical location, siblings, and preference.

Encinal Elementary School has qualified and highly trained staff members who have the goal of instructing students to their highest potential. Children with special needs are identified early and are placed in programs that will enable them to reach their full potential through our Student Study Team. Communication between home and school is continuous and ongoing.

Encinal Elementary School's Goals

  • All students will annually demonstrate maximum individual academic growth.
  • All students will achieve maximum competencies in reading, writing, and mathematics annually.
  • Parental involvement will increase and improve annually.


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